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Meet Donna

Playing the role of a relative, practice how to motivate Donna to cut down on her drinking and brainstorm other ways to cope with stress.

Meet Jordan

Playing the role of a co-worker, practice how to motivate Jordan to cut down on partying and focus on his goal of saving money and going to college.

About One Degree

25% of Americans drink at levels that could lead to health or other problems – yet, most people who drink too much do not have a serious alcohol use disorder – or what we used to call “alcoholics.” Talking with those around us about alcohol and other substances can help prevent those disorders, avoid diseases and injuries, improve family and work life, and promote overall well-being. One Degree empowers each of us to be the influence and change the lives of those we care about. Download the One Degree: Shift the Influence app to practice conversations and transform the way we talk about alcohol and other drugs. A One Degree shift is all it takes.

If you are a health care provider, click here to view our provider portal.

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